Our Vision – To see and serve all who may be overlooked and to “go and do likewise” as we’re called to do in Luke 10:37.

Mandy Ramos

Director of Development

Mandy graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education which has proven to be helpful in every job she’s had, whether that was teaching, working on a church staff, house-parenting at Milton Hershey, or serving as a missionary in Mexico City. 

Her personal experience is what inspires her to advocate for the participants of Good Sam. As a single mom who once had almost nothing to her name, she has the deepest empathy for those on a similar journey and is passionate about rallying others to care about our neighbors in need. The last two decades have been filled with both devastating losses and the most wonderful gifts, and it was hard to see how any of this would make sense one day. 

But today, Mandy can say that so much of what she has been through, including the most painful moments, has become a gift that she gets to offer to others through her role at Good Sam, and she wouldn’t trade any of it because there is a richness to her life that she could only experience through the kindness and faithfulness of God.

Mandy’s favorite part about working at Good Sam is that she now earns a living doing what got her in trouble the most as a kid—​talking! 

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her new-ish blended family of 8 and running a small empanada business with her husband. She loves spending time outside but equally loves a good rainy day. Football season is her favorite season,​ the beach is her favorite place, Chemex coffee is her favorite drink, and power-napping is her favorite hobby.


Mandy Ramos

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