What we do

Empowering our neighbors to move from a housing crisis to stability.

Our Program

Responding with compassion to the challenges of poverty-related needs across Lancaster and Chester Counties, we take a personalized approach to empower individuals and families to prevent or overcome homelessness.

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Seasonal emergency

shelter during the

coldest months of the year that

offers a warm bed, shower facilities,

and hot meal for guests.

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Participants live in one of

our Good Sam houses for

up to 60 days. They are

provided with a safe,

welcoming place to call

home, plenty of food, and

all the daily necessities of

living. Through case

management, participants

create and work toward

personalized stability goals.

Participants live in one of

our Good Sam houses for up

to 6 months. They begin

paying a monthly program

fee, which simulates paying

rent, to develop healthy

budgeting habits in

preparation for living on

their own. Participants

continue to work towards

stability goals with the

support of case management.

Participants live in one of

our Good Sam houses for up

to 1 year. Our affordable

housing provides the

independence and privacy

of an apartment with

continued support through

case management.

Participants live in their

own housing in the

community and receive 3+

months of case

management. This may

include budgeting guidance,

landlord advocacy,

education about available

resources, and short-term

rental assistance. Keeping

individuals and families in

their own housing is our top priority.

Periodic check-ins from the

Good Sam team continue after

participants graduate from our

program to foster long-term

stability as they begin

navigating independent

living in the community.

Not everyone begins at the same place in their journey to stability.

Our holistic program allows us to serve those experiencing street homelessness, those who are at risk of losing their own housing, and all levels of housing insecurity in between.

Individuals and families may enter at any step of our program that best fits their needs.

Regardless of whether they move into one of our Good Sam houses or already have their own housing in the community, we pair participants with a compassionate member of our team. This dedicated individual offers personalized case management and walks alongside them throughout their journey towards stability.

People in Our Program Living in:

Good Sam

(Winter Shelter, Emergency, Transitional, & Affordable Housing)

Their Own Housing
in the Community

(Supportive Housing
& Alumni)

Everyone’s story and journey through life is unique.

We recognize that to provide the best care, our program must also be uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each individual or family we serve. Hear firsthand the inspiring journeys of those who have experienced the transformative power of our personalized approach.

Overcoming Barriers

Providing the gift of time and connecting those in our program with resources to help them overcome barriers makes our program unique. Some of the unique aspects of our holistic approach include:


In-house counseling is available to all participants in our program at no cost to them. By removing the barriers of insurance, session time limits, and transportation, our counseling is made much more accessible for those we serve.

Microloan Program

Many in our program have little to no credit. Through our microloan program, participants can apply for a loan up to $5,000 that can be used to buy a car or make a down payment on housing.

Matched Savings Program

To encourage good saving habits and stretch their savings, participants may participate in the matched savings program to have up to $600 matched. Many use this for moving expenses or to pay off debt.

Personal & Financial Development Workshops

Education is key. From financial wellness to parenting education workshops, Good Sam partners with community experts to teach our participants essential skills for life.

Restoring Hope

The burden of housing insecurity can be truly daunting, but at Good Sam we are dedicated to fostering powerful connections that empower and uplift. We believe in nurturing confidence so that individuals and families can reclaim their strength and find the courage to forge a path towards stability.

Winter Shelter

Good Sam’s Winter Shelter provides a safe space for individuals experiencing homelessness to sleep during the coldest months of the year. Winter Shelter guests are provided with a hot meal and a warm bed to sleep in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency: Up to 60 days
Transitional: Up to 6 months
Affordable: Up to 1 year
Supportive: Up to 3 months or more
Alumni: Ongoing after participant reaches stability

Yes. When reaching out for assistance, individuals and families will go through an initial screening to gather information about their unique situation. If we feel that Good Sam’s Program would be a good fit, an intake interview will be scheduled with staff in person. This process and its length varies based on eligibility and availability in our program.

No. We do not have a wait list, but if our program is at capacity, we will recommend other community resources. We also recommend contacting 211 by calling the number 211 or texting your zip code to 898-211.

We do not currently have residential properties that serve double parent households, but we do provide services for families in their own housing.

No. For health and safety reasons, we do not allow pets in our residential housing properties.

You must be part of our program, actively participating in case management and working toward personalized goals to be eligible for rental assistance. Rental assistance is given on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, but we will need to talk directly to the person who would be receiving services in order to complete the intake process.

We serve single men and women, and families. We are a clean and sober program and participants must be free of warrants and not on Megan’s Law.

Did You Know?

Good Sam serves up to 300 individuals and families who are experiencing a housing crisis every day.