Matched Savings Making an Impact!

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Our Matched Savings Program at Good Sam is a unique and impactful opportunity for those we serve. By fostering healthy saving habits, the program not only encourages individuals to save but also amplifies their efforts, accelerating their progress toward achieving their savings goals.


Kevin’s determination knows no bounds. Through surviving cancer, facing homelessness, and battling rheumatoid arthritis, he has been a beacon of resilience for life’s challenges.

Recently, Kevin completed our matched savings program! He plans to use the extra funds to replace his truck, ensuring he can continue commuting to his job and work toward his stability goals!


Mike has been working hard since entering our Emergency Housing to pay off debt and start saving. He recently completed our Matched Savings Program and officially moved into the Affordable Housing step of our program. He plans on using his savings to help with move-in costs for his own housing in the near future!


After 15 years without a driver’s license, Joe successfully regained it with Good Sam’s assistance. Despite having the opportunity a decade ago, he had postponed the process due to his struggles with drinking. Now sober, Joe was motivated to reinstate his license, and Good Sam guided him through the reinstatement procedure, addressing associated fees.

Joe also fulfilled the requirements of the Matched Savings Program. Good Sam is thrilled for him, especially considering his journey started at our winter shelter in February of 2023, progressing through Emergency Housing and Transitional Housing to ultimately securing a spot in our Affordable Housing. Joe, now employed as a painter, has built a strong support system, and we are proud of his hard work and accomplishments.

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