Growing with Good Sam

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Serving over 400 individuals and families across both Lancaster and Chester Counties

Growth technically isn’t a “core value” at Good Sam, but it does seem to follow when we are meeting our core values; Christian Faith, Compassion, Generosity, Partnership, Stewardship, and Gratitude.

In the past 4 years, we’ve doubled in capacity, services, and size. We’ve obtained 5 new properties, brought on double the staff, and expanded our services across both Lancaster and Chester Counties. Our partnerships within these communities enables us to grow at an exponential rate, and we are both challenged and excited about all of the opportunities we are working on in the coming years. We continue to adapt where the needs of the community change, and our flexibility empowers us to serve individuals and families at all different points in the journey to stability.

Good Sam is blessed to have a staff that grows with the organization. Each new step for Good Sam brings opportunities for our staff to develop, grow, and gain responsibility. Many of our staff members started working for us part-time, and as we’ve expanded, so has their employment level. One of the most exciting advances we’ve had in the past few months has been our promotion of Melissa Horst, our Lead Family Resource Coordinator.

Melissa started at Good Sam as a part-time FRC at the office in Coatesville, PA in 2012. In the 8 years since then, she has advanced from part-time, to full-time, then to Lead FRC for Chester County, and now to the supervisory role of Lead Family Resource Coordinator for Housing Support Services. These promotions have come at serendipitous timing for both Good Sam and Melissa’s personal life. As her children grew and became more independent, she was able to take on larger caseloads. When she was ready to move into a supervisory role, Good Sam’s expanding services aligned perfectly with her desire for more responsibility.

Keep an eye out, because more exciting things are happening at Good Sam, and we aren’t even close to done growing!

This new supervisory position is a huge step for Good Sam, and we’re thrilled to have a GSS veteran like Melissa stepping into the role. It seems fair to say that Melissa is excited as well! “I’m a natural-born leader. I like being in charge and the go-to person,” she says, “I like bringing people together and encouraging others. I love to bring out the positive and strengths in people. What I love about my [new] position is I can focus full time on building up and supporting [the] staff.”

Good Sam started out in 1999 as a small emergency shelter in Phoenixville, PA, and has grown into an extensive service agency that spans over two large Pennsylvania counties. Growing pains are natural, but they’re easier to endure with a faithful and committed staff. “Good Sam as an organization is maturing and we’re putting new things in place for the staff to be successful and for them to utilize what they’re good at. We’re allowing opportunities for our staff to improve and grow and do better in their positions,” says Melissa. “Our effectiveness in providing services will dramatically increase in a positive way because consistency leads to growth.“

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