Compassion is Contagious

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One morning, 51-year-old Kenneth woke up in his car in the parking lot of a Walmart and realized he needed to take steps to transform his life.

After ending a toxic relationship that forced Kenneth to leave a comfortable two-bedroom apartment he had shared with his partner, combined with an inconsistent income as a full-time DoorDash driver, he found himself homeless. Kenneth knew he had a choice, “You either go further down or you strive to get up, so that’s what I decided to do.” Kenneth took his first transformational steps by becoming a resident of Good Samaritan’s men’s shelter program.

After working on a personalized success plan with a Good Sam counselor, Kenneth has made strides towards stability and has now moved into transitional housing.

“This whole experience has completely changed the way I think about people,” says Kenneth. “I have been supported basically for the last two months by people I don’t even know out of the kindness of their heart.”

Kenneth now feels called to share the same compassion with others.

He recently took a job as a shift manager at Ann’s Heart, a code blue, emergency overnight warming shelter in Phoenixville.

“Just being kind to someone and showing compassion and caring and love for another human being… right now is the most rewarding time in my life I think I’ve had in a long time,” Kenneth says.

“I feel like I have a purpose again. I’m getting up this morning to make a difference in my life and someone else’s.” — Kenneth

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