How Heat Affects Those Facing Homelessness

Thursday and Friday, temperatures in Lancaster County and Chester County are expected to soar to over 90 degrees with heat index values reaching 100 degrees and above. Both counties are under a heat advisory, with Chester County under an excessive heat warning. All that to say, it’s hot. For most, this means spending extra time […]

Healing Hearts: Mental Health Awareness Month

On average, when people begin counseling at Good Sam, their depression score tends to fall in the moderately depressed range. Depression can have a profound impact on various aspects of everyday life, including functionality and stability. When left untreated, it can intensify existing challenges and potentially lead to or worsen homelessness. Depression can often affect […]

Leaving a Legacy of Love: Sally Wise

Over $20,000 Donated in Honor of Sally Wise Some people have an incredible way of touching hearts during their lifetime, leaving behind a legacy of generosity and kindness that never fades. Sally Wise was undeniably one of those special souls. Shortly before Sally passed away on March 17, she and her husband, David, asked friends […]

An Amazing Ephrata Eats!

An Amazing Ephrata Eats: $54,000 Raised! We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Ephrata Eats event raised over $54,000! On behalf of Good Samaritan Services and the individuals and families we serve, THANK YOU to all our wonderful sponsors, restaurants, committee members, and guests who contributed to the success of the event. Thank You […]

Understanding Homelessness and Mental Health: A PIE Perspective

Homelessness goes beyond individual challenges; it is a systemic issue intertwined with societal structures. The Person in Environment (PIE) theory sheds light on this complexity by emphasizing the reciprocal relationship between individuals and their environment. In the context of homelessness, PIE theory prompts a holistic examination of the contributing factors and their impact. Homelessness is […]

Matched Savings Making an Impact!

Our Matched Savings Program at Good Sam is a unique and impactful opportunity for those we serve. By fostering healthy saving habits, the program not only encourages individuals to save but also amplifies their efforts, accelerating their progress toward achieving their savings goals. Kevin Kevin’s determination knows no bounds. Through surviving cancer, facing homelessness, and […]

Record-Setting Taste of Phoenixville

Taste of Phoenixville We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Taste of Phoenixville raised over $147,000, setting a new record for the event’s 22-year history! On behalf of Good Samaritan Services and the individuals and families we serve, THANK YOU to all our wonderful sponsors, vendors, and guests who contributed to the success of the […]

Christmas: The Beginning of Something Really Good

The holiday season: with all of the craziness of shopping, parties, traveling, and traffic, it is good to have a reminder of the true reason for the season. We all hear the Christmas story this time of year and I was thinking, how does the Christmas story relate to the work Good Sam does?  Here’s […]