A Family Finds Hope

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One of Good Sam’s first dual-parent households was served by our Housing Support Services program recently! 

Taken advantage of by a conman, this family was scammed into paying for an apartment that was never actually available for rent. This family paid a couple of thousand dollars just to move in. Soon afterward, they found the house was breaking down and trash never was picked up.  It wasn’t long before they realized this wasn’t an up-and-up situation. 

Kicked Out

After a short while of residence, the family was contacted by a lawyer and the ACTUAL owner of the house. They needed to leave immediately as the home was listed for a short sale and the family had no legal rights to reside there. House went up for short sale, but the sales kept being postponed. This happened multiple times, up to the exact date they were able to leave the home. Praise the Lord for providing them a roof until they could find their own!

This family of five, (two adults and three children), already had their fair share of challenges before this housing crisis. The father being disabled from work, two of their children being differently-abled, and the mother only being able to find employment at a gas station. The young couple struggled to find housing and were discriminated against due to their lack of knowledge, their children having autism, the father’s physical appearance. 

Finally Home

 When the family contacted us a few months ago, they needed our help immediately. With the diligence of our Housing Support Services team working with the family to find housing, (even on days off and after hours!) we were finally able to find a place for them to call home.  They officially moved into a townhouse in Quarryville, PA just before Christmas! While our staff continues to provide services, we are excited about the family’s resilience and desire to seek their path to stability. 

*Pictures and names have been changed to protect our participant’s privacy.*


Carol searched and searched for housing during her time in our Emergency Shelter until she was approved for a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment at Declaration House in Denver, PA, which she entered in February 2021. We are so proud of all of Carol’s accomplishments, and she’s a great asset to her community and to Good Sam!


There are so many parts of this journey that required partnership from Good Sam, Real Life Ministries, Community Donations, and Volunteers. This is why one of Good Sam’s core values is Partnership! We engage the community to meet our mission of meeting individuals and families where they’re at, to help them on their path to stability. Carol’s success is one of many, and it’s only possible through the generosity and collaboration of our communities.

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