A Change in Parenting

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One of the valuable resources we provide here at Good Samaritan Services is our Parenting Education & Support. Through this resource, we help develop participants’ parenting skills and knowledge of children’s developmental ages and stages. We also help families understand the impact of trauma and create skills for resilience. Our Family Resource Coordinators and Family Specialists from partnering organizations work together to help strengthen families.

Right now family dynamics have shifted drastically. With seasons of virtual learning, hybrid school schedules, and shutdowns, parents have been spending more time than ever with their children. Many of our participants have seen this as a blessing, but have also struggled with full-time parenting alone. At Good Sam, we recognize that family dynamics are valuable and are key to success in maintaining stability and independence. That is why when Covid-19 shutdowns and regulations began, we worked harder than ever to pivot our services. We did not want to leave our participants without parenting support in their greatest time of need!

Rolling with the Punches

While it has looked a little different with Zoom meetings and phone calls, we have still been providing this valuable service to our families as well as families from partnering organizations. Each office maximized its use of iPads, cell phones, and other video communication technology to increase its ability to reach out to participants.

Our coordinators have been working with more than 7 individual families, providing these parents with emotional support, skills workshops, and practical knowledge on how to engage with their children in meaningful ways.

What is most exciting about this process is that parents are very attentive and interactive in their conversations. The parents are really trying to give examples of what’s going on in their lives and they’ll explain how they’re using their new skills. They see the impact in their parenting styles, and they see their relationships with their children are growing and developing! They can see a direct correlation between work with Good Sam’s Staff and success within their home.

Community Seminars & Education

In addition to meeting with families from Good Sam’s Shelters and Housing Support Services one on one, our Family Education and Support resource focuses on providing training and giving presentations to participants, the community, and staff members.

A Complete Home

Home is not just a building we live in, but an environment we create. At Good Sam we don’t just want individuals and families to have a place to sleep, we want them to find a place to call Home. Our entire staff works hard to help provide our participants the opportunities they need to thrive, and this includes Parenting Education and Support.

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