House Donated

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In late December of 2019, Good Samaritan Services became the official owners of 214 St. Mary’s St!

And we paid nothing for it.

This beautifully remodeled 3-bedroom home was gifted to us by an anonymous donor in the Chester County community. In the fall of 2019, our donor wanted to find an organization that would utilize this gift to serve the community and stumbled upon Good Samaritan Services while searching online. After doing a little research, they called Nate (C.E.O of Good Sam) to discuss details. Soon afterward, the home was put in the name of Good Samaritan Services to be used for Affordable Housing!

Affordable Housing Program

In March of 2020, three men will be moving into 214 St. Mary’s St. These men will be moving from our Emergency and Transitional Housing to our Affordable Housing Program. This means that these men will be able to live in this home for a below-market rental rate for a period of 1-3 years. This time limit, however; is flexible and based on individual needs. Rent will increase each consecutive year. This encourages our participants to budget, save, and find permanent housing to call their own.

Community Support

This is not the only good news! We also received a grant from the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation! These funds have enabled us to update this house with fixtures, add a full bath, plan for future landscaping renovations, and more projects to make this house a safe and welcoming home. This incredible blessing is only possible because of communities like ours. When members of our community come together, we make a huge impact in the lives of our neighbors.

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