Homeless to Homeowner

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Barnaby felt completely lost after his family experienced a wrongful eviction. While staying in a friend’s basement with his two children, he decided he needed to seek help. Barnaby approached his employer for support and advice, who then recommended he contact Good Sam.

I felt a lot of trepidation about asking for help. To me, it felt like a last resort,” Barnaby said.

Barnaby’s worries began to fade as he started working with Good Sam. His caseworker connected him with resources he didn’t know were available to him and walked alongside him in the process of finding housing he could afford. “She came to viewings with me and always stayed so positive. She helped me stay calm through it all.”

In June, Barnaby was able to buy outright a beautiful farmhouse in the country. “My kids LOVE it,” he said with a huge smile. Elliot, Barnaby’s 12-year-old son, loves all things Nintendo and likes drawing in their new home. Juniper, age 7, is extremely proud of the toybox in her bedroom, especially her sock monkey named Brownie.

Barnaby is truly grateful for the helping hand Good Sam extended to him. “This organization is invaluable.”

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