Breaking the Cycle: Co-Parenting & Conquering Homelessness

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For Brandon and Alison, providing a better future for their two children, Raylan (7) and Rosalee (3), was the driving factor behind seeking help from Good Sam. Struggling with substance abuse, they lost their housing and were staying with a family member. They felt their drug use was fueled by tension in this living environment and the constant stress of housing insecurity. After a stay in the hospital to get clean, Brandon decided it was time to seek help. He reached out to Good Sam.

Brandon entered our program and moved into Emergency Housing in Ephrata. He was amazed by the kindness and hope he experienced. He urged Alison to reach out for assistance as well, and after a few months, she moved into her own Emergency Housing room with their children. Moving into Good Sam separately allowed Allison and Brandon to break old habits and start to rebuild. They became the first two-parent family to be served in our residential housing. Brandon was extremely grateful that he was allowed to have his children visit him while staying at Good Sam.

“We both love the kids. We never want to do anything that would affect them negatively.” Brandon said. “That was the main reason I came here,” Alison agreed.

Brandon and Alison have proudly maintained their sobriety since arriving at Good Sam which has allowed them to work toward other goals. Brandon has had an eye-opening experience learning about budgeting and has improved his credit. He also rebuilt a relationship with God for the first time in 20 years. Alison recently moved into a new apartment where her children have their own rooms. She is so grateful that she has Good Sam walking alongside her in her stability journey.

“This place is outstanding. It’s amazing. I came here and I was like, ‘what am I coming into?’ but it completely changed my whole entire world. Coming here was what I needed to restart my life.” Alison said.

Both Brandon and Alison look forward to co-parenting to provide the best future they can for their children.

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